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Need some space to get your awesome prints done? Finding it tricky to up your printing game at home?

At Troppo Print Studio you can access everything you need to prepare your screens and get printing.

With access to our UV exposure unit, pressure washer and wash trough, aswell as pay as you go emulsion. You also have access to our carousel and one station A3 print table. You have all the tools at your fingertips!

The price covers:
- 30 day access to all screen making facilities: the wash trough, pressure washer, UV exposure lamp unit. During open hours.
- Screen cleaning and reclaiming chemicals including stripper, screen cleaner and pay as you go emulsion. Coat your own screens for $5 per screen up to A3, or $10 over A3.
- access to our 4 colour carousel, handy for printing t-shirts, and also an A3 paper/poster printing station.
- access to a heat press for curing fabric prints.

What you have to do:
To become a member of the Print Studio you must meet 1 of the following criteria:
- Have previously attended our printing for beginners workshop.
- Have completed a screen printing course at Tafe or other instition.
- Have professional print industry experience.

If you have not attended a Troppo Print Studio workshop, you will need to complete Orientation session priced at $50 before being allowed to sign up. It is imperative that we walk though the safe use of chemicals, and equipment before allowing any unsupervised access to the studio.

All approved members must:
- Wear closed toe shoes and suitable clothing for printing in. We do provide aprons, but sometimes a blob of ink goes astray.
- Bring your own screens to coat and expose or we can enquire about purchasing in advance by email troppopritstudio@gmail.com
- Please leave the studio clean and tidy for the next person. All spatulas, squeegees, coating troughs to be cleaned and left to dry in the designated area.
- Book a slot by email giving 24 hours notice. If for any reason your unable to make your slot, please give us notice so we can allocate it to another member. We are open Friday to Monday 10am - 6pm.

What you need:
Please bring waterbase ink along with you suitable for printing paper of fabric. Plasticol ink is not suitable for use at Troppo Print Studio.
Please give least 24 hours notice.